The Posture Trainer that helps you improves your spinal fitness   

The ZEGRA® Posture Trainer as Your Co-Trainer

Individual Therapy
We know that with the majority of spinal problems, a considerable and permanent improvement can be achieved through consistent correction of one’s posture. As your effective “Co-Trainer,” the ZEGRA® Posture Trainer leads your clients to this goal through a clear and professional method, by consistently training their posture where it occurs: every day life. This gives you, as manager of your client’s training, the freedom to concentrate your expert knowledge in your practice solely on problems that your client cannot solve on his or her own. This allows you to remain effective and decrease your treatment time, leading to satisfied customers.
An Example: Within six months, a 14-year-old patient whose thoracic kyphosis increased despite conventional posture training and exercises, was able to reduce the angle of her thoracic kyphosis, as evaluated by video rasterstereography, from 53 to 44 degrees, and the lordotic angle of her lumbar spine from 46 to 35 degrees. She is convinced by the therapy and comes back to further optimize treatment in other areas of her physical fitness.



Recommended Training Frequency
The Posture Trainer should be used three times a week for two hours at a time, with at least one day’s pause between training sessions.

Ergonomics Training
A study done by the department of Sports Medicine at the University of Tübingen examined office workers who spend many hours each day sitting at a computer. The study found that using the ZEGRA® Posture Trainer for six weeks significantly strengthened the muscles of the spine, increased the mobility of the spine, and promoted general well-being. Thus, The Posture Trainer is an effective supplement to your ergonomics training, and helps your firm invest in health, productivity, and a positive atmosphere.

Lease of sell The Posture Trainer
Lease or sell The Posture Trainer to your patients and discover both therapeutical and financial success. The recommended price at which to lease The Posture Trainer is 50 Euros per week. If you choose to sell The Posture Trainer to the clients in your practice, we offer a discount contingent on the amount purchased. Send us an e-mail telling us how many Posture Trainers you would like to purchase, and we will make you an offer. Please direct your inquiries to