The Posture Trainer that helps you improves your spinal fitness   


Effect of the Posture-Trainer
A study done by the department of Sports Medicine at the University of Tuebingen, Germany examined office workers who spend many hours each day sitting at a computer. The study found that using the ZEGRA® Posture Trainer for six weeks significantly strengthened the muscles of the spine, increased the mobility of the spine, and promoted general well-being:

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In another study the posture training increased the thoracolumar extension of the subjects from 40 to 70%, while greatly reducing their pain:

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Gender specific differences in posture
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Reliability and Validity of the Posture-Trainer
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Effekt of traditional posture training
Traditional posture training caused the subjects of this study to up ths straightening of their spine from 33% auf 51%. In the course of the subsequent week without posture reminder, it declined to 46%.

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