The Posture Trainer that helps you improves your spinal fitness   

Transform Ordinary Furniture into a Wellness and Fitness Device

Design and Market Furniture that Promotes Correct Posture
The scientific version of The Posture Trainer records and evaluates data about one’s posture, with or without giving feedback. When evaluating furniture, one can see immediately whether Product A or Product B is more effective in promoting a healthy posture that allows for a large range of movement. The data recorded by The Posture Trainer assist in successful product development and ergonomic design, and add substantial advertising appeal to a finished product, as sold by retailers and salesmen. With The Posture Trainer you can emphasize the ergonomic advantages of your product and develop instructions on how to optimally adjust your furniture for particular requirements.



Expert Team
We have already had success working with renowned manufacturers, and we know how to bring out the latent potential in your furniture. As needed, we both sell and rent the necessary hardware and software, and train you in its proper use. We also offer a complete service where you tell us what you want and we manage everything, from designing a study to its implementation and an evaluation of the results. We guarantee professionalism and confidentiality. You can apply the results solely within your company, or publish them in professional journals, at conventions, or through the media of your choosing, all with or without our support.

Your service Package
Depending upon the scope of what you require, you can purchase or rent both our devices and our services. Send us an email at and we will contact you.