The Posture Trainer that helps you improves your spinal fitness   

More Motivation, Increased Productivity

More motivation and increased productivity with the ZEGRA®-Posture Trainer, Spinal-Fitness-Check and on the job training.

A Study done in a typical work setting with computers at the University of Tuebingen, Germany showed that with six weeks of ZEGRA posture training upright posture and spinal movement had significantly improved and produced overall positive results. When one is healthy and feels well, their attendance at work is not only with comfort, rather one can take on the day at the workplace confident that he/she will be more focused and motivated through out the day. The benefits include lowered costs, increased effectiveness, more success and nevertheless a pleasant work atmosphere. By choosing the ZEGRA posture trainer you are not only doing your employees a favour but yourself as well.
The Posture Trainer is almost undetectable to wear and does not restrain you from carrying out daily activities. The suggested length of training is two hours, repeated three times a week for a total of six weeks. After that a refresher of once a week will normally suffice.
In order to cut costs, multiple employees can share the same posture trainer.


Spinal Fitness Check-workplace-fitness-we’ll train you!
With the help of the Spinal Fitness Check your team of co-workers will be examined in groups, making the check-up not only time efficient, but cost efficient as well. Each Employee will receive a personalized physical therapy exercise plan. For more information please contact Peter Fischer’s team at

Optimization of Workplace-Ergonomics
Another service that we offer to optimise efficient and the heath of your employees is an examination of the office. Thereafter we can best provide suggestions to improve the former.