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Do you want to investigate what healthy posture is and how to promote it? Do you want to in an area where you can help many people develop a healthier spine? Do you want to help potential employers, such as businesses and health insurance companies, save large amounts of money because of your scientific work? If so, you are in the right place!

In addition to the functions of the regular Posture Trainer, the scientific version of The Posture Trainer, the ZEGRA®-S, can record data about one’s posture at a rate of once per second, for up to 200 hours. The data can be uploaded onto a computer and transformed into an Excel spreadsheet. Besides information regarding posture, the ZEGRA®-S also gathers information on the date, time, whether feedback was given, and which feedback frequency was selected. By pushing the button, specific values can be marked, so the data regarding one’s posture can be assigned to various positions of the spine. This means that you can compile a profile of one’s posture in which it is evident what percent of the time the ZEGRA®-S user remained in a defined range of uprightness, and how often he moved from one range to another.

Basic Research – Health
Through a comparison of the recorded posture with other parameters, both subjective and objective, one can discover more precisely what healthy posture is and how promote it.

Therapeutic Outcome
Using the ZEGRA®PostureTrainer purely as a posture data logger without feedback, show whether therapie A or B promotes an upright and dynamic posture more effectively.

Transform Ordinary Furniture into a Wellness and Fitness Device
Design and Market Furniture that Promotes Correct Posture

The scientific version of The Posture Trainer records and evaluates data about one’s posture, with or without giving feedback. When evaluating furniture, one can see immediately whether Product A or Product B is more effective in promoting a healthy posture that allows for a large range of movement. The data recorded by The Posture Trainer assist in successful product development and ergonomic design, and add substantial advertising appeal to a finished product, as sold by retailers and salesmen. With The Posture Trainer you can emphasize the ergonomic advantages of your product and develop instructions on how to optimally adjust your furniture for various tasks.

ZEGRA®PostureTraining at the work place
A study done in a typical work setting with computers showed, that six weeks of ZEGRA®PostureTraining significantly improved upright posture, spinal flexibility and well being. Usually this well being improves focus and motivation through out the day. The benefits include lowered costs, increased effectiveness, more success and nevertheless a pleasant work atmosphere.

The Posture Trainer is almost undetectable to wear and does not restrain you from carrying out daily activities. The suggested length of training is two hours, repeated three times a week for a total of six weeks. After that a refresher of once a week will normally suffice.
In order to cut costs, multiple employees can share the same posture trainer.

Health Insurance
Work with health insurances to improve the posture of the insured, thus preventing back pain, back injury and health expenses.
Example: a 14 year old patient with Patientin mit progessive kyphosis of the thoracic spine, despite of conventional physical therapy, was given the choice of  corset or posture training. Within 6 months of 2¼ hour ZEGRA®PostureTraining 3½ times per week, she was able to reduce her thoracic kyphosis from 53 to 44 and her lumbar lordosis from 46 to 35 degrees.

Due to the close correlation between a lack of thoracic extension mobility an shoulder impingement, it might be of interest for insurers to see whether this and other conditions can be prevented with ZEGRA®PostureTraining.

Expert Team
We have already had success working with renowned manufacturers, and we know how to bring out the latent potential in your furniture. As needed, we both sell and rent the necessary hardware and software, and train you in its proper use. We also offer a complete service where you tell us what you want and we manage everything, from designing a study to its implementation and an evaluation of the results. We guarantee professionalism and confidentiality. You can apply the results solely within your company, or publish them in professional journals, at conventions, or through the media of your choosing, all with or without our support.

Your ZEGRA®S Package
Depending upon the scope of what you require, you can purchase or rent both our devices and our services. Send us an email to wissenschaftler@zegra.info and we will contact you.