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Therapists & Trainers

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Therapists & Trainers

If you are a therapist or trainer and wish to apply / learn about the following fitness-tools, click on the corresponing link below:


Workshops teach you how to use the spinal-fitness-check with your clients. The duration of the workshops is 1,5 days, locations are all over Germany and occasionally also in neighboring Eurpean countries and the USA. Should you be head of a rehab facility, we are also happy to come an train your staff inhouse.
In Germany, the workshop is ZPP-certified and qualifies as a refresher for KddR back school intructor and Pilates. If you wish to book a workshop other than the ones listed under workshops, call our clinic in Germany: +49 (0)7071 368683.

Should you be interested in becoming a docent for the spinal-fitness-check in your area/ country, we can also discuss the option of an internship: +49 (0)7071 368683.